Shigeru Mizuki 

"Shigeru Mizuki (水木 しげる Mizuki Shigeru, real name: Murai Shigeru, born March 8, 1922) is a Japanese manga cartoonist, most known for his Japanese horror manga GeGeGe no Kitaro (which was originally titled “Hakaba Kitaro”), Kappa no Sanpei and Akuma-kun. Originally from Sakaiminato in Tottori prefecture, he resides in Tokyo. His pen-name, Mizuki, comes from the time when he managed an inn called ‘Mizuki Manor’ while he drew pictures for picture story shows, a Japanese form of storytelling. A specialist in stories of yōkai (a sub-genre in Japanese horror), he is considered a master of the genre. He is also known for his World War II memoirs and his work as a biographer.”

- Wikipedia

Peter Böhme - Space Kittnz (2012)


Mayden Voiage - Cryptozoology Tracking Society Merit Badges

Mayden Voiage - Cryptozoology Tracking Society Merit Badges

Com Truise - Subsonic (2014)

Subsonic pulls us back into the mainframe with rigid drum machine squeaks and the sounds of a 56K modem gone rogue, and the Hans Lo-directed video jacks us into a William Gibson novel, leading us through the gridded passages of the Information Superhighway.”

- Thump


A collection of wonderful title panels from female-led comics of the 1940s. (Click each image for source info & credits.)

Ren Höek & Stimpson J. Cat

The Ren & Stimpy Show (created by John Kricfalusi, 1991)

"According to cartoonist Bill Wray, John Kricfalusi created the characters Ren and Stimpy around 1978 for "personal amusement" during his time in Sheridan College. He was inspired to create Ren by an Elliott Erwitt photograph, printed on a postcard, called ‘New York City, 1946,’ showing a sweatered chihuahua at a woman’s feet. Stimpy’s design was inspired by a Tweety Bird cartoon called A Gruesome Twosome where the cats in the animation had big noses. When Nickelodeon approached Kricfalusi, he presented three shows, among them a variety show titled Our Gang or Your Gang, with a live action host presenting different cartoons, each cartoon parodying a different genre. Ren and Stimpy were pets of one of the children in Your Gang, serving as a parody of the ‘cat and dog genre.’ Vanessa Coffey, Nickelodeon’s Vice President of Animation Production, was dissatisfied by the other projects but did like Ren and Stimpy, singling them out for their own show.

The show’s aesthetics draw on Golden Age cartoons, particularly those of Bob Clampett in the way the characters’ emotions powerfully distort their bodies. The show’s style emphasizes unique expressions, intense and specific acting, and strong character poses. One of the show’s most notable visual trademarks is the detailed paintings of gruesome close-ups, along with the blotchy ink stains that on occasion replace the standard backgrounds, ‘reminiscent of holes in reality or the vision of a person in a deep state of dementia.’ This style was developed from Clampett’s Baby Bottleneck, which features several scenes with color-cards for backgrounds. The show incorporated norms from ‘the old system in TV and radio’ where the animation would feature sponsored products to tie in with the cartoon, however in lieu of real advertisements, it featured fake commercial breaks advertising nonexistent products, most notably Log.”

- Wikipedia

Benjamin Constantine (2007)

1. Cold Cassette

2. Milkenrester

3. PipiGirl

4. Oysterface

Alex Gross - Paintings

"…globalization, commerce, great beauty, dark mayhem, and the remorseless passage of time.”

- Wikipedia 

Richard Russell (aka Lucky Devil 7) - Hypocrisy (2011)

Richard Russell (aka Lucky Devil 7) - Hypocrisy (2011)

Joan Cornellà 

"Joan Cornellà Vázquez (born 11 January 1981) is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator, famous for his surreal and unsettling comic strips and artwork."

- wikipedia 

Norman McLaren - A Phantasy in Colors (1949)

"Norman McLaren (11 April 1914 – 27 January 1987) was a Scottish-born Canadian animator and film director known for his work for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). He was a pioneer in a number of areas of animation and filmmaking, including drawn on film animation, visual music, abstract film, pixilation and graphical sound.

McLaren is remembered for his experiments with image and sound as he developed a number of groundbreaking techniques for combining and synchronizing animation with music.”

- Wikipedia

Boredoms - Super Seeeeee!!! (1998)

Super Seeeeee!!!!!! is a video released by Japanese noise rock band Boredoms, and is their first official video. It was released in 1998 by Warner Music Japan on VHS, and reissued later in 2004 and 2006 on DVD.

  1. "ETOT" – (remix of "Super You" from Super æ, set to animation by Naohiro Ukawa

  2. "SUPER GO!!!!!→shine in◯shine on" – (collage of live performances shot at Meiji University on November 23, 1996 and Vitamin Q & Scared Cave in Nagano on September 17, 1997, during the lunar eclipse)

- wikipedia 

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Marlies Plank - Error (2008)

Marlies Plank - Error (2008)